Letter to the Editor: Extinction Rebellion Cardiff Protests

Below is Councillor Joel Williams' letter to the Editor of the South Wales Echo regarding the ongoing Extinction Rebellion protests in Cardiff City Centre: 
Dear Mr. Editor,
No doubt you have been inundated with comments regarding the ongoing 'Extinction Rebellion' protests taking place on Castle Street. As expected, you shouldn't be able to dump a great big boat outside a national landmark without some dialogue with the police and local authority. With this in mind, we should call out the acts of Extinction Rebellion for what they are - Disruptive acts of ignorance that are costing the local businesses that keep our City afloat valuable money.
Whilst it would be nice to throw a party, blurt music, and wave banners outside Cardiff Castle, I respect our City and the men and women that work day in, day out to support their families. And it seems that this is something Extinction Rebellion has forgot. 
As a Conservative, I am fervently proud of our record in Government specifically the fantastic work Michael Gove has done in the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs. Only on Tuesday, we saw a group of Conservative MPs as part of the Conservative Environment Network (CEN) launch a manifesto where they reaffirmed the net-zero target on carbon emissions, recently committed to by Theresa May - In stark contrast to Jeremy Corbyn's commitment of renationalising key industries such as coal, and with that, reintroducing further carbon emissions into the air we breath. 
Whilst, in principle I support Extinction Rebellion's broader messages of saving the planet from unprecedented levels of dangerous greenhouse gasses, the overuse of single-use plastics and the melting of our polar ice caps, what I categorically disagree with is the way they go about tackling the issue. With this in mind, I'd like to invite Extinction Rebellion to sit down with me so we can discuss what we can do as a community to tackle the Climate Emergency, if not for our ourselves, but for our children and grandchildren. 
Councillor Joel Williams 
Prospective Welsh Conservative Assembly Candidate for Cardiff North