‘Lucy’s Law’ must be introduced in Wales sooner rather than later

Janet Finch-Saunders MS – the Shadow Minister for Climate Change, Energy and Rural Affairs, and Welsh Conservative spokesperson on Animal Welfare – has called for the introduction of “Lucy’s Law” to be accelerated in Wales.

Lucy’s Law – a ban on third-party puppy and kitten sales – is named after a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel that was rescued from a breeding farm in Wales. Legislation came into force in England in April, but will not introduced here for at least a few months.

Mrs Finch-Saunders said:

“It’s clear that the Welsh Labour-led Government has been dragging its heels compared to England over animal welfare, specifically Lucy’s Law.

“Existing regulations in Wales are ineffective, and there has been a serious lack of enforcement here, and so I am calling on the government to accelerate the introduction of the legislation to end puppy farming in Wales.

“Every day that the legislation to shut down puppy and kitten farms is not enacted is another day that animals are left to suffer. This is unacceptable in a modern Wales.”