Cross-party support for Welsh Conservative debate on HM Armed Forces

Cross-party support for Welsh Conservative debate on HM Armed Forces

Welsh Conservatives chose today – Armistice Day (November 11) – to lead a cross-party debate to honour and remember the Fallen, those still serving, veterans, and those with enduring physical and psychological injuries, and the contributions made in war and in peace.

Mark Isherwood MS, the Shadow Minister for the Armed Forces, said:

“Armistice Day is always a time for reflection, and thanks.

“While the United Kingdom has this year commemorated the 80th anniversaries of Dunkirk and the Battle of Britain, and the 75th anniversary of the end of World War Two, HM Armed Forces are still deployed around the globe, including deterring aggression in the Baltic States, combatting Daesh in Iraq, and on anti-terrorism and humanitarian operations in Africa.

“However, they routinely support civilian services here on the ‘home front’, too, and we often see them deployed supporting flood relief. This year we have seen them making a tremendous effort to help the NHS – in Wales as the rest of the UK – in the battle against Coronavirus. All Wales is grateful to them for this.

“The debate recognises this and offers an opportunity to thank all organisations across Wales working to support the Armed Forces community and our veterans, acknowledges the significant ongoing contribution that the military makes to Wales, and calls upon the Welsh Government to continue to engage with stakeholders as it seeks to uphold the Armed Forces Covenant.

“This, in some small way, helps repay our debt of honour to them.”