Paul Davies AM rounds on First Minister over plans to raise tax rates

Paul Davies AM gets a ‘straight answer to a straight question’: personal tax and business rates would rise under Labour

There was a surprisingly straightforward response from the First Minister to Paul Davies AM’s question today (November 26). The Leader of the Opposition asked:

“Under a UK Labour Government and Welsh Government, can you confirm whether taxes will go up or down in Wales?”

An unapologetic First Minister replied that they would, and that he fully supported these tax rate rises, as detailed in the Labour manifesto.

“And [tax rises are] absolutely right and proper,” claimed the First Minister, who stated that, under a Labour administration in the UK and a Labour Government in Wales, income tax would be varied in the next Assembly term.

Mr Davies added:

“[Another] person who wasn’t afraid to say that everyone will have to pay more tax under a UK Labour Government was John McDonnell, who finally admitted yesterday that many of the party's policies will affect the entire population.

“And as you've just said, where a UK Labour Government leads, the Welsh Government will follow. And we know what that means, First Minister; taxes will only be going one way: up!”

After the engagement in the Chamber, Mr Davies said:

“If successful in the General Election, Labour’s manifesto plan to increase taxation rates would pave the way for a future Welsh Labour Government to similarly hike tax rates here.

“Labour’s taxation policies are the tried, tested and failed policies of higher taxes, spending and borrowing beyond your means, and nearly bankrupting the country. We’ve seen this before, most recently a decade ago.

“We, Conservatives, are the party of low taxation, because we know that low taxation leads to entrepreneurship. And this entrepreneurial spirit is not just in a business sense, but much more personally.

“It’s the drive to improve yourself, to work hard – because that’s the best way out of poverty – to see more money in your pocket for you to spend how you choose, and not see it devoured by paying ever-higher taxes.”