Shocking doubling-down from First Minister over vaccine rollout

The First Minister has admitted on Radio 4’s Today programme that the vaccination scheme in Wales is not fit for purpose.

He said that Wales is not using all its available Pfizer vaccine to vaccinate people as quickly as possible and give them increased safety against the virus because he does not want to leave vaccinators "standing around with nothing to do" for weeks.

The First Minister added that Wales would not receive any further Pfizer supplies until February, and so the vaccinations would be spread throughout the next few weeks rather than use them all up as fast as possible.

Andrew RT Davies MS – the Shadow Minister for Health – said:

“Whether intended or not, this outburst of honesty from the First Minister tells the Welsh people all they need to know. The Welsh Labour Government is failing to deliver its vaccine programme.

“His shocking doubling-down on his decision to delay deployment of Pfizer vaccine supplies is dangerous, and makes no clinical sense whatsoever.

“We need to get these vaccinations into people's arms ASAP. Lives and livelihoods across Wales are at stake.”