Tourism sector ‘at risk of being forgotten’

Industry leaders have said that it is crucial that the tourism sector in Wales to open by Easter after what they describe as a “catastrophic” 12 months.

Commenting, Russell George MS – the Shadow Minister for Economy – has reiterated  his concern that the tourism sector is in danger of being forgotten as attention is rightly focused on efforts to deliver the Covid vaccination programme and trying to ensure some continuity of education.

He said that while many industry sectors have been badly hit with job losses, the impact has been acutely felt by the tourism and hospitality trade, adding that industry leaders and business owners are rightly worried about the future for the sectors in Wales.

Mr George, however, cautioned that:

“There is no solution for this that is both easy and safe, and so it is vital that the Welsh Government develops and implements – urgently – a route map out of lockdown, and makes sure that this the last lockdown.

“Welsh Conservatives are calling for the plan to include crucial targets concerning the roll-out of Coronavirus vaccinations and consistently falling numbers of infections, and the reopening of businesses and schools.

“There are some glimmers of hope, which Welsh Conservatives and everyone else welcome, but the public and businesses of Wales need to be reassured that there is light at the end of the tunnel. A route map out of lockdown will do much to give this reassurance.”