Welsh Conservative Senedd Leader: ‘The Commonwealth makes us all collectively stronger’

Ahead of Commonwealth Day (tomorrow, March 8), Andrew RT Davies MS – the Welsh Conservative Senedd Leader – has praised the value of the Commonwealth of Nations saying:

“As the dark days of the Covid pandemic seem like they’re beginning to end, it’s fitting that we shine a light on our friends around the world who are part of the Commonwealth of Nations. In times of trouble, and in times of happiness, the Commonwealth – now numbering some 54 nations – has been the bedrock of the United Kingdom’s global reach, and just as Wales is stronger for being part of our United Kingdom, The UK is also stronger for being part of the Commonwealth with our monarch, Queen Elizabeth II, as its head.

“This global reach has rarely been so important, especially with the deals inked or underway in the very capable hands of Liz Truss, the UK’s International Trade Secretary. These include those with India, Ghana, Singapore, New Zealand, Australia… The list goes on, and with a trade deal with Australia comes the potential for access to the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership, and the vast market that includes.

“So, this Commonwealth Day, whether you’re in Wales, England, Scotland, Northern Ireland or anywhere else in the other 53 Commonwealth nations, we can all be sure that our shared ties make us collectively stronger.”