Welsh Conservatives call for reduction in student fees

Welsh Conservatives call for reduction in student fees

The Welsh Conservative debate today (September 23) calls on the Welsh Labour-led Government to work with colleges and universities to ensure that students receive value for money for their education, including – where appropriate and applicable – reducing fees.

Suzy Davies MS – leading the debate as Shadow Minister for Education, Skills and Welsh Language – will argue that the Welsh Labour-led Government must consider the experience of the student in support it is providing to the sector during the pandemic, saying:

“This has been a truly awful time for students in further and higher education, and those looking to enter higher education.

“Students need a fairer deal, or put another way, value for money for the investment they put into their education. Consequently, we Welsh Conservatives are calling for several steps to be taken, including a partial reduction in tuition fees to acknowledge the impact of the lockdown, as well as more support for colleges and universities to be able to maintain a high quality offer.

Further and higher education, explained Mrs Davies, is “… not just for the pleasure of learning. It’s an investment in their own futures, and that should improve the confidence and contentment of communities as well as economy of Wales.

“Students, quite rightly, expect the quality education they have paid for, that they have got into debt for.

“Colleges and universities have given their all over the course of this pandemic. This is not a criticism of them, but it’s not for students to subsidise the gaps those institutions cannot fill by paying for something they don’t believe they’re getting.”

She concluded:

“The restrictions on colleges and universities has had a profound impact on the ability of students to access their course and course materials, meaning some have missed out on learning and are at risk of falling behind.

“The Welsh Labour-led Government must not let this happen. It must not let them down.”