Welsh Conservatives renew calls for university fee reductions

Commenting on the news that the Welsh Government has announced £40 million for students facing financial hardship, Welsh Conservative Shadow Minister for Education, Skills and the Welsh Language, Suzy Davies MS, has welcomed the funding but is also calling on the Welsh Government to go further with support to reduce university fees for students facing ongoing distribution to their courses.

Mrs Davies said:

“Whilst I welcome this funding it needs to be ringfenced for students who are going through hardship now.

“However, university students have been paying for their courses but not receiving the full education that they expected. Online learning cannot replace in-person teaching, with students unable to use the full resources that a university offers. The Welsh Government needs to ensure that universities can offer a partial refund for the current academic year, as well as ensuring that students can afford to continue to afford their courses in September.

“Many students will have worked hard in school to gain their university place, and in part time jobs so that they can afford it. It is only right that they are supported and compensated for the loss of learning this year.”