Joel's Letter to the Editor of South Wales Echo

Joel wrote to the Editor of South Wales Echo regarding last week's Full Council meeting. At the meeting Cardiff Labour approved a large pay rise to Senior Officers at Cardiff Council. Joel and other Conservative Councillors voiced their opposition to the proposals. You can read Joel's letter below; 

Cardiff Labour out of touch

Last week Cardiff Councillors met for the June meeting of Full Council. The Council was asked to approve the Pay Policy Statement which outlines the pay of staff at the Council. Prior to the meeting I proposed a ‘reference back’ asking the Labour-run Council to reconsider the pay rise to Senior Officers at the Council. During the meeting I outlined there are a number of individuals at Cardiff Council earning between £86,000 and £180,000 per year and that it can’t be right to approve a pay rise to these individuals. I was shocked when not one Labour Councillor agreed with me and went ahead to vote for the pay rise. 

Yes, there are a number of committed Senior Officers at Cardiff Council and I value their skills and commitment however I don’t agree that now is the right time to give them a pay rise. Our City is facing some tough times ahead and I’ve always believed its wrong to ask hard working Council Tax payers to pay more for less. Next year I’m sure Cardiff Labour will ask you to pay another inflation-busting Council Tax increase and it is completely wrong, particularly when they are approving massive pay rises to Senior Officers.

I listen to the legitimate views of residents in our communities and they all tell me they want to see improvements to local services and its about time Cardiff Labour focused more on delivering the changes and improvements our communities need instead of spending time approving these huge pay rises.

Cllr Joel Williams
Councillor for Pontprennau and Old St Mellons