‘No new taxes’ Under Welsh Conservatives

‘No new taxes’ says Shadow Finance Minister
Reacting to a statement on taxation policy from the Welsh Labour-led Government, Shadow Minister for Finance – Nick Ramsay MS – said:

“It’s only a fortnight since the First Minister said he would not rule out tax rises in Wales, and now we have this document from the Finance Minister, which paves the way for possible new taxes.

“We are in the middle of a pandemic and neither businesses or individuals should be asked to think about new taxes, and the Welsh Labour-led Government should not be thinking about them either.

“The administration’s focus right now should be on eliminating the millions of pounds of waste that happens every week.”
“As Paul Davies and I have both been absolutely clear on, the Welsh Conservatives will not be introducing any new taxes in Wales during the next Welsh Parliament.

“Our focus will be on introducing the principles of intelligent taxation to the taxes that a Welsh Government collects.

“Intelligent taxation means the Welsh Conservatives will reform the small number of tax powers that are in the hands of the Welsh Government in a way that promotes behavioural change, sustainability, and environmentally friendly growth.”